Playing in the yard of the German Chancellery

We were pretty much playing in the walkway of the German Chancellery. Quite amazing, the equivalent to playing on the lawn at the White House but I don’t believe this could ever happen at the White House…remember they sell beer, wine, cocktails and bockwurst…even in the walkway of the German Chancellery! The House of Culture is located in the former House of Commons whose next-door neighbor is the German Chancellery. Amazing Berlin live and let live they seem to say.

After the show we were whisked away on a 90 minute open air party boat ride up the Spree (which at night, the view can look like scenes from Blade Runner) to an after party at popdeurope festival where Marseilles band Massilia Sound System was performing.  And later, we visited several bars and clubs in the cool and colorful Kreuzburg neighborhood dancing all the way. The birds were chirping and the sun was coming up as we finally made our way back to our hotel in Tiergarten.

The crowd was wonderful our opening band Coconami was so soothing with it’s two ukuleles, it was a pleasure to see Don Tiki, Waitiki, Latin Lovers and I Belli Waikiki.  The Wassermusik festival staff…Gabrielle, Corrina, our sweet driver Simone, the sound crew–all excellent.  Cheers!

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