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Lushy concocts a refreshing pop style of original samples and bossa beats with elements of vintage-Latin jazz, exotica, surf, new wave and sixties pop to create their own distinctive intercontinental sound. Most importantly, they have established a solid reputation for originality far beyond their roots in the lounge and exotica scene. What started as a lighthearted recording session among friends has now turned into a lasting and successful project. In the basement tiki den, with fully stocked cocktail bar, that is their studio, Lushy was formed and began compiling an extensive catalog of original songs. With scores of successful gigs from Vancouver BC to Los Angeles to Berlin, Lushy has steadily risen through the ranks of Seattle’s musical landscape holding sway over every stage they inhabit. If you like the Brazilian Girls, B-52′s, Pharoah Sanders, DEVO, Portishead, Os Mutantes, Pink Martini, Astrud Gilberto and Martin Denny you’ll love Lushy! No matter what the comparison, Lushy is simply EXTRA-ordinary.

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