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“If the weather has got you down, you need a hearty helping of Lushy—Seattle’s best lounge-pop combo and a surefire cure for winter doldrums. While everyone else is singing about Santa and Rudolph, Annabella Kirby and company have concocted a fizzy, fun holiday album full of high jinks and highballs (not to mention cheese balls) guaranteed to get you back in the holiday spirit(s). In fact, “Snowflake Surprise” might be one of those rare seasonal albums that stands up to year-round spins. Effervescent and eclectic, Lushy are the perfect soundtrack for any time of the year, but the band’s breezy, tiki-fueled cocktail music is a welcome ray of sunshine in the heart of winter.” Barbara Mitchell-The Stranger

“Seattle band Lushy is all about lounge-pop music, and the group is fizzy highball entertainment. Lushy essentially operates as a trio (Annabella Kirby on vocals & clarinet; Andy Sodt on sax, keyboards & more; Matt Nims on guitar/bass) with supporting players, and the fun recipe results in unadulterated techno/Latin pop refreshment. Too cool! My major complaint is that this album is W-A-Y too short. 27 minutes? Are you kidding me? I could have danced all night, if you get my drift. Next time, please fill my plate with more holiday deliciousness. Lushy layers on lots of creative originals here. My hands-down favorite has to be the title track; Snowflake Surprise had me in its clutches after only a bar or two. The melody is seriously addictive, and the lyrics are downright fun: “It’s no surprise–I have snowflakes in my eyes over YOU!” Of course, Kirby throws in the occasional “Doo-dee-doo!” just to liven the party. It’s a great song, the sort that will stay with me for days (maybe weeks!). What a fascinating mix! I admire Lushy’s intensely original approach; I know I would enjoy seeing the group live. The musicianship is solid, and the tracks present tipsy cocktail lounge pleasures, bordering on bizarre in spots (Bottles, Bugles, Bright Shiny Bells?). And the closing Christmas Waltz almost seems caught in slow-motion under water. Intriguing!
Don’t be stuck in a rut. Who needs another boring Christmas release? Instead, reach out for something new and different! If you enjoy a techno-pop adventure, then let Lushy be your guide! The Snowflake Surpise can be yours!” Carol Swanson- Christmas Reviews

CD Title “Snowflake Surprise” 


1. snowflake surprise  

2. dance the night

3. cheese balls

4. heat miser

5. christmas time is here

6. panettone

7. hot buttered rum

8. bottles, bugles, bright shiny bells

9. christmas waltz


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Click photo to order ANOTHER COOL BREEZE

CD Title “Another Cool Breeze”  On back order

1.  Home to You

2.  Go Go Bossa

3.  Speak Softly Love (Godfather Theme)

4.  Chump

5.  Green Frog

6.  Moonlight Feels Right

7.  Hard Bop

8.  Huggy

9.  Happy Hour

10. Weekee Watchee


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Click photo to order ALLURE OF THE REEF

CD Title “Allure of the Reef”  On back order

  1.  Suspicious Melody
  2.  Allure of the Reef

  3.  Tradewinds

  4.  Tiki

  5.  Paradise

  6.  Pupu Platter

  7.  Hula Heaven

  8.  Blue Hawaii

  9.  Midnight at the Oasis

10.  Castaway


Click here to order DIONYSUS EXOTICA
Click photo to order LP DIONYSUS EXOTICA

LP Title “Dionysus Exotica” – (Dionysus Records)
Dionysus’ first ever exotica compliation! 
Side 1
  1.  Robert Drasnin- Mirage
  2.  Lushy- Castaway Cove (previously unreleased)
  3.  Orchestra Superstring- Silberstrasse
  4.  Clouseaux- Kiss of Ku
  5.  Stereophonic SpaceSound Unlimited- Mummywalk 
  6.  The Tiki Tones- Kon Tiki

Side 2
  7.  Clouseaux- Hunt of the Savage
  8.  Lushy- Midnite at the Oasis (previously unreleased) 
  9.  Kirby Allen Presents Chaino- Jungle Mood
10.  Stereophonic SpaceSound Unlimited- The Spacesound Effect
11.  The Tiki Tones- Topless Holiday
12.  Karla Pundit- The Lagoon at Midnite

Click here to order LUSHY
Click photo to order LUSHY

 CD Title “Lushy” (Dionysus Records)

1.  French 75              
2.  Coconut Grove
3.  Riptide
4.  Trip to Cannes
5.  Go-Go!
6.  Bella Beretta          
7.  Hidden Harbor
8.  Alibi
9.  Sand Pebble
10. Pali Highway
11. Toast                      
12. Springtime
13. Puka
14. Rare Breed

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