Lushy plays Viking Disco & Feast! Get your tickets Oct 5th 6pm !!!

Mark your calendars now! Back by popular demand is our Viking Disco, and two (two!) seatings for your favorite Viking Feast with Chef James Bushell. A fabulous evening of disco dancing with a Viking theme, and a to-die-for, authentic Viking dinner on the same evening! You can choose both events, or just one. Definitely something for every Viking!

We’ll have live music by LUSHY and DJ’d music with DJ Jonasson for our Disco, prizes for best costumes, and lots of Viking fun.

With your ticket, you’ll receive a free glass of Viking punch and you’ll be entered to win a raffle for 2 free tickets to our spring ABBA Night!


VIP Disco + Feast:
$40 for blue card members
$50 for guests

Viking Disco (music & dancing only):
$25 for Swedish Club blue card members,
$30 for guests

Viking Feast:
$25 for Swedish Club blue card members
$30 for guests
Viking cuisine expert and chef James Bushell will prepare the meal!

Costumes encouraged.

Two seatings for dinner: 5:30 or 7:30 p.m.

Menu for the Viking Feast

Stockfish and Butter
-Pounded stockfish served with butter.

Malted Herring in Sour Cream
-Herring pickled in malt vinegar and barley syrup with onions
Viking Age spices. Finished with sour cream.

Cabbages and Greens
-Cabbage, mustard, kale, and chard greens simmered in duck fat, onions, with Viking Age herbs and spices. finished with malt vinegar.

Braised Preserved Pork and Lamb
-Your choice of pork, lamb, or a combination that has been smoke dried after a saltwater brine. Slowly braised in skyr whey until spoon tender. Served with leek butter and skyr.

Viking Duck
-Duck prepared in the Viking Age style of boiling in salt water
and then roasted with a little honey.

Barley and Rye Gröt
-Barley, Rye, parsnips, carrots, allium.

Barleycakes with blueberry skyr
-Small flat breads of freshly ground barley and rye topped with skyr and blueberries.

Braised Apples
-Apples braised with butter and a touch of honey. Simply delicious.

Members, call the Swedish Club at 206-183-1090; Guests, visit

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